Our purpose is to promote education and historical awareness, record and preserve genealogical records and information, encourage and instruct members in research techniques, foster interest in genealogy and publish genealogical materials.

Our Beginnings 
 LCGS  began when a small group of community members decided that they and their community needed a resource that would support their genealogical efforts and advance genealogy worldwide.  The society originally was named Yaquina Genealogical Society. 

LCGS has supported the Lincoln County for over 50 years promoting local and worldwide genealogical research.  Our members are involved in not only local and national family research, but genealogical research that stretches to all parts of the globe.  As is the case for the majority of Americans, after a few generations, our members' ancestral trees start in far away countries. Consequently, among our members, we have people with years of experience and expertise in a variety of ethnicities and cultures.

LCGS  strives to preserve Lincoln County heritage and history by coordinating our efforts with Lincoln County Historical Society and Lincoln County GenWeb.  Other Lincoln County partners in genealogical and historical research  include Toledo Public Library, Newport Public Library,  Lincoln County Historical Society and Log Cabin Research Library,  local DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), Barrow House Museum, North Lincoln County Museum,  Newport Family History Center, Waldport Museum, Little Log Museum in Yachats, Siletz Confederated Tribes and Yaquina Railroad Museum, 


"We all carry, inside us,
people who came before us."
Liam Callanan

Lincoln County Genealogical Society Resources 

Obituary File 

LCGS maintains a Lincoln County Obituary file from the original work of Evelyn Parry's local obituary project. Mrs. Parry is the author of At Rest In Lincoln County, a book about Lincoln County burials. She began clipping obituaries in the 1960's and continued through the 1990's. These obituaries are predominantly local but include people who once lived locally or had local family members. Also included are Oregonians reaching 100 years of age, couples having 50 plus year anniversaries, Oregon pioneers, Oregon award winners, and some national celebrities.
 There are over 22,000 surname entries in the completed collection. 

Surname File 

LCGS  maintains a Surname File of surnames and locations our patrons and LCGS members are researching.    

Lincoln County Genealogical Research Library 

LCGS houses a genealogical research library at the Toledo Public Library located at 173 NW 7th Street, Toledo, Oregon.  The collection includes texts and materials representing 48 states, immigration, passenger lists, Native American and local tribes, military, land patent records, Oregon DAR, church records, wills, census, Oregon trail, local cemeteries, as well as numerous resources for local Lincoln County genealogical research.
LCGS Genealogical Reseach Library Catalog

50 Questions to Ask Your Elder

The best way to start your journey of discovering your family tree is to talk to your oldest relatives.  Their stories are valuable resources that may well help you to connect "genealogical dots" and sort fact from fiction. 
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